Sunday, March 03, 2019

Top 3 Authors Announced

We’ve selected the top three stories from the finalists of our 2018 Short Story Contest. Please join us in congratulating these talent authors:

FIRST PLACE:  Mike Tuohy – “Confetti Girl”
SECOND PLACE:  Andrew K. Clark – “Tangled Limbs”
THIRD PLACE:  Catharine Leggett – “The Oriole”

Top 3 stories - Scribes Valley Publishing writing contest

Friday, February 01, 2019

Writing Contest Winners Selected

Greetings! Listed below are the finalists of our 2018 Short Story Writing Contest. Please visit our 2018 Winners page, and get to know these talented authors.

Virginia M. Amis  -  WOOD AVENUE
Katelyn Andell  -  EUPHORIA, VA
Patricia L. Baker  -  THE WHISPERERS
Colin Brezicki  -  STAGE STRUCK
Andrew K. Clark  -  TANGLED LIMBS
Carol Cooley  -  NEVER IN GRACE
John Francis Istel  -  DEVILED EGGS
Catharine Leggett  -  THE ORIOLE
Leslie Muzingo  -  IN MY DADDY'S SHOES
Mike Tuohy  -  CONFETTI GIRL

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Accepting Entries for Our 2018 Short Story Contest

Enter the Scribes Valley Short Story Contest
Scribes Valley Publishing is accepting submissions for our 16th annual short story writing contest. All finalists are published in an annual contest anthology, both print and electronic versions. Monetary prizes for top 3 finalists are based on contest participation – the more entries we receive, the bigger the prize amounts. In addition, all finalists receive a copy of the finished anthology.

Thrill us…amaze us…entertain us…TELL US A STORY!

Deadline:  November 30, 2018
Winners announced around January 30, 2019

Word limit: 5,000
Entry Fee:  $7.00 US

You can enter by snail mail or online submission.

Complete submission guidelines and rules on our website:

Monday, July 03, 2017

Lose Yourself: Get Lost in the Words

LOSE YOURSELF: Get Lost in the Words, Our newest short story anthology has been released, both in paperback and Kindle editions.

Get lost!

A simple phrase with complicated meanings. Taken one way, it can be considered quite rude and derogatory. Taken another way—the way this book intends—it is an extraordinarily great directive.

Writers desire to achieve that blissful sensation of being lost in the words, to find that the story has taken over and is writing itself, causing even the author to breathlessly wait to see what is going to happen next.

Readers also want that level of consciousness where their real world departs, and the words on the page transport them to places unknown.

If you seek to lose yourself in the written word, to leave everyday life behind, to be’ve come to the right place! The authors featured in this anthology have crafted remarkable stories with the capability and the power to take you out of this world.
Authors in this anthology:

K.B. Carle, Dorothy M. Place, Colin Brezicki,  Lisa Ann Battalia, Michelle Wotowiec, Joe Dornich, Ronna L. Edelstein, Jean Tschohl Quinn, Mike Tuohy, Celeste Woody, Hugh Dudley, Sarah Evans, Catharine Leggett

Friday, October 02, 2015

The Common Sense Life - Donald R. Repsher

Scribes Valley has released THE COMMON SENSE LIFE: Tales from a Long-ago Forest by Donald R. Repsher.

Deprived of their land by the treachery of a colonial government, this is the story of Lenape Indians who clung tenaciously to their heritage and how the lessons they learned can help us now.

     The story of the Lenape points to a long, complex tradition of hospitality and assimilation in Lenape-hocking, which includes southeastern New York State, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

The word Lenape means “people.” The name is symbolic of the kind of people they were, continually welcoming and assimilating newcomers and thereby creating through thousands of years the original “melting-pot” of civilization on the North American continent. A more specific name is “Delawares,” which is an English term for the river that runs through their ancient homeland, and a reminder of the place of origin for the people who are now living elsewhere.

     The Lenape were held in high regard by many other Indian nations. They were referred to as “grandfathers,” a term of respect implying not only their ancient status but their wisdom and spirituality. Referring to original documents, "The Common Sense Life" begins with Norse Sagas and Christopher Columbus and continues with highlights in the history of the people. In keeping with Lenape Tradition each chapter suggests wisdom that can be learned from their experiences and spirituality.

New Release by Scribes Valley Publishing