Tuesday, January 10, 2006

2005 Writing Contest Winners Announced

Gee, this blogging thing is harder than I thought. Okay, well, maybe the blog itself isn't that hard. It's the writing that's the hard part. Actually, it isn't the writing it's the remembering to write it. Then again, we remember it pretty easily, it's the sitting down and actually doing it that's the hard part

Okay, I guess the whole thing comes down to taking the time to write a blog. It's one of my resolutions for 2006 to keep up with it and keep it current.

Anyway, to catch everybody up:

We've announced the finalists in our 2005 Short Story Writing Contest:

Bill Westhead, "Romeo and Sierra's Last Mission"
Catherine Lev, "Operation Mickey Mouse"
Claire Grasse, "Nona"
John M. Bourne, "A Lake in the Park"
Julia Halprin Jackson, "Mother's Day"
Karin B. Schlenker, "What Could Have Been"
Kristen Tsetsi, "But for Gloria"
Lou Dischler, "Hemingway at the Ritz"
Marla Martin, "Emily's Plan"
Mia Lazarewicz, "What We Are Made of"
Qing Yang, "Dreaming of Danny"
Ryan Bennett, "Take This Job and Love It"
Tricia Spencer, "Noses, Toes, and Elbows"

Full author bios can be seen on our writing contest winners page.

Several fine stories were submitted for the writing contest. It's no small feat to read them all--several of them many times--and decide which will become finalists. Especially when there's a small voice in the back of your head saying "These are authors pouring everything they have into a story. Are you going to stomp on their dreams?"

But decide we did. And now comes another difficult task. Trying to decide the top 2-3 stories from the finalists!

Our current short story writing contest is under way for 2006. Any genre, any subject is accepted. The word limit is 5,000 and the deadline is August 31, 2006. Finalists are published in a contest anthology. Full details on the contest can be found on our website.

Another project for early 2006 is to publish our first e-Book. KEY TO LOVE by Carolyn Ann Aish is a romantic, action-packed, Medieval adventure story. The final editing is just about finished and we hope to release KEY TO LOVE toward the end of January 2006.

So, 2006 looks like another great year. Hope yours is the best you've ever had.

Keep smiling and keep reading!!!

SV Editor