Tuesday, August 01, 2006


That's right, They Do Exist! We have released our newest short story writing contest anthology. Filled with stories that will amaze and delight you, THEY DO EXIST! is one of our best anthologies so far (of course, we say that about all our anthologies).

With such authors as Bill Westhead, Catherine Lev, Claire Grasse, John M. Bourne, Julia Halprin Jackson, Karin B. Schlenker, Kristen Tsetsi, Lou Dischler, Mia Lazarewicz, Qing Yang, Ryan Bennett, Tricia Spencer, and Phillip Lynne; how could you not enjoy yourself between these sheets?

Full author bios can be seen on our writing contest winner's page.

The anthology is available for only $8.99 and can be purchased from our website. So, come on over, get your copy, and get ready to be enlightened that, yes indeedy, THEY DO EXIST!