Friday, January 12, 2007

2006 Writing Contest Winners Announced

Scribes Valley Publishing is honored and pleased to announce the winners of our 2006 Short Story Writing Contest. All submitted stories were incredible, making it very hard to choose only a few winners, to whittle the list down to those with that little extra “something.”

The finalists are (in no particular order):

Tova Jarvis, “The Great Animal Kingdom According to Tova Jarvis”
Gillian Hamer, “No Library Card”
Rebecca Barton, “Sea Fever”
Kathryn Mattingly, “Goodbye My Sweet”
Chrissy K. McVay, “Haunted Houses”
Patricia Dainty, “Butterflies Gone”
Donna Bryant, “A Royal Visit”
Kimberly Gemme, “The Wait, the Date, and the Single Girl’s Fate”
Vanessa Orlando, “Beautiful Men”
Mike Tuohy, “Casey’s Casket”
Bill Westhead, “Cruel Justice”
Dan Sullivan, “The Boy Who Walked on Water”
Bobby Ozuna, “Corrido”
Ranae Cherry, “Finding Love and Employment After Forty”

It appears there was a side contest between Tova, Kimberly, and Ranae to see who could come up with the longest title!

We will be posting full bios on each of these authors in the next few days on our writing contest winners page. Stop by and check them out!

2007 Short Story Writing Contest

Okay, you. Yes, you…the person reading this blog. You know who you are. YOU! You’ve got a story floating somewhere in your brain, haven’t you? A story about an event that keeps popping up at the weirdest times, making you laugh when least appropriate, cry when you would rather not, or go into deep thought when you really should be concentrating on something else.

Or, maybe it’s a story about a special person who made an impression so vivid they are a part of your very soul.

Or, perhaps, a great dream that just won’t go away.

If so…sorry, you’re stuck with a head full of junk that will just continue to make your life miserable.

No, actually, there is a cure for those symptoms: write them out of your brain. Let them travel from your head, down your arms, and straight to a pen, pencil, or keyboard. Share them with the world. Enlighten the planet. Make someone’s day a bit brighter. Enter our contest.

Our 2007 Short Story Writing Contest is now accepting entries. The deadline is August 31, 2007. The guidelines are simple and can be found on our website.

Come on, you know you want to!