Thursday, March 01, 2007

Top 3 Finalists Announced in Writing Contest

We're proud to announce the top three finalists in our latest short story writing contest.

Kimberly Gemme won the top spot with her story, "The Wait, The Date, and the Single Girl's Fate."

Dan Sullivan came in second with "The Boy Who Walked on Water."

Gillian Hamer rounded out the top three with her "No Library Card."

Congratulations to these authors and the other eleven finalists in the contest. Their stories will be featured in our 2006 contest anthology, MIND TRIPS UNLIMITED:

Tova Jarvis, “The Great Animal Kingdom According to Tova Jarvis”
Rebecca Barton, “Sea Fever”
Kathryn Mattingly, “Goodbye My Sweet”
Chrissy K. McVay, “Haunted Houses”
Patricia Dainty, “Butterflies Gone”
Donna Bryant, “A Royal Visit”
Vanessa Orlando, “Beautiful Men”
Mike Tuohy, “Casey’s Casket”
Bill Westhead, “Cruel Justice”
Bobby Ozuna, “Corrido”
Ranae Cherry, “Finding Love and Employment After Forty”

New Anthology Named

We've named our newest writing contest anthology MIND TRIPS UNLIMITED, and posted the cover for all the world to see. We're quite proud of it, as we are of all our writing contest anthologies. How can you NOT be proud of a showcase that highlights writing talent from all over the world?

Check out the new cover here.