Friday, May 20, 2011

One For Elise's Dad

Dear Elise’s Dad:

Sorry I didn’t get your name at the crowded hibachi restaurant Sunday. You seemed awfully busy talking to your wife and I didn’t want to bother you. It was certainly easy to discover Elise’s name, though, the way you kept calling her back to your table almost every time she wandered off. Your daughter’s got that ignoring good-old-dad routine down to a science, doesn’t she? I love the way you indulge her by not following up on your “threats” to put her in her seat if she doesn’t listen. It’s good for her to test her boundaries and think for herself. It builds character.

And what a little angel she is! Cute as could be in her white dress with the pink ribbon around the waist and pink shoes to match. The white patterned tights completed her outfit beautifully. My compliments, also, on the yellow barrettes just above each ear in her long, blond hair. They looked almost like little halos. The pictures I took with my cell phone don’t do her justice. How do you photographically capture an angel? I’ll have to remember my digital camera next time. The guys back were I lived the last five years would love to see the pictures on my next visit.

And she’s not only beautiful, but incredibly smart! Only three years old and already knows her home address and phone number. That’s amazing. I really admire the way she recited that information to me when I asked. She seemed so proud of her knowledge, repeating it over and over until I could write it all down. I thought it was precious the way she kept speaking even when chewing the jelly beans I gave her.

I looked up her name on the Internet. It means “God’s promise.” How beautiful and appropriate. I’ll have to tell her the next time I see her. Will you be at the restaurant again next Sunday? I hope so. Don’t worry, though. You go ahead and concentrate on speaking with your wife while you’re eating. Married couples don’t spend enough time with each other anymore. No wonder the divorce rate is so high! You two just focus on each other. Elise is independent enough to watch after herself. Besides, I’ll be there to help her if she needs some advice, a sip of water, or even help going to the bathroom. I’ll be more than happy to step in.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your little family with me. I appreciate it, and I’ll be looking for you all next time. Oh, by the way, if I happen to be passing by and see Elise outside playing, I’ll stop and return the little coloring book she left on her chair at the restaurant. She seemed to really like it, especially when I gave her my marker pen to draw mustaches on the bunnies inside.


Frank W.