Thursday, June 28, 2012

Watch What You Say

WRITING TIP: Be careful how you word things. In this case, just one unnecessary word completely ruins the intention of what this person wanted to say.

Found this sentence recently on the Internet. It was posted by a person looking for a house to rent, and he/she sounded desperate:

“In need of a new place to live badly!”
One could (and should) take this as: “The place where I’m living badly now no longer meets my needs, so I’m looking for a new place in which to continue living badly.”
Wow, nothing like trying to improve your way of life! It would be better—and keep the intended meaning—if stated: “In need of a new place to live!” Simple and to the point.
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

10th Annual Writing Contest

For the tenth annual Scribes Valley Short Story Writing Contest, we are looking for stories that enthrall us, leave us breathless, make us say “Wow!” and stay in our minds even weeks after we read them.

You've worked hard on your story, studied every word, developed characters so real you know them personally, and created a setting which pulls readers out of the real world.

Don’t keep it to yourself! Let others read it. Let US read it!