Friday, January 29, 2016

Contest Winners Announced

Scribes Valley Publishing is pleased to announce the winners of their 2015 Short Story Writing Contest. These amazing stories will appear in an upcoming anthology.

Phillip Frey  -  The Hero of Lost Causes
William D. County  -  Apprentice and Moth
Jennifer A. Powers  -  Saturday Nights in Winter
S. Baer Lederman  -  The Monster Inside Me
Dorene O’Brien  -  Interior Designs
Ronna L. Edelstein  -  Forever and Always
Catharine Leggett  -  Continuum
Joe Dornich  -  The Reluctant Son of a Fake Hero
Robin Hostetter  -  Emer Rald’s Jewel
JoAllen Bradham  -  Colorcide
Mary Smith  -  The Ashes
Tom Stock-Hendel  -  Camarillo
Mike Tuohy  -  Stamping His Get
Michelle Wotowiec  -  Waves
Jeff Sptizer  -  Survival

We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest.

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