Monday, July 03, 2017

Lose Yourself: Get Lost in the Words

LOSE YOURSELF: Get Lost in the Words, Our newest short story anthology has been released, both in paperback and Kindle editions.

Get lost!

A simple phrase with complicated meanings. Taken one way, it can be considered quite rude and derogatory. Taken another way—the way this book intends—it is an extraordinarily great directive.

Writers desire to achieve that blissful sensation of being lost in the words, to find that the story has taken over and is writing itself, causing even the author to breathlessly wait to see what is going to happen next.

Readers also want that level of consciousness where their real world departs, and the words on the page transport them to places unknown.

If you seek to lose yourself in the written word, to leave everyday life behind, to be’ve come to the right place! The authors featured in this anthology have crafted remarkable stories with the capability and the power to take you out of this world.
Authors in this anthology:

K.B. Carle, Dorothy M. Place, Colin Brezicki,  Lisa Ann Battalia, Michelle Wotowiec, Joe Dornich, Ronna L. Edelstein, Jean Tschohl Quinn, Mike Tuohy, Celeste Woody, Hugh Dudley, Sarah Evans, Catharine Leggett